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A clean energy solution to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Shaping a Cleaner Future

Amogy’s proprietary technology converts ammonia into a clean energy source with zero carbon emissions at the point of use. The unique catalyst we developed cracks ammonia into hydrogen for direct integration into a fuel cell.

 Our ammonia-to-power technology can be scaled, providing
large-scale power for heavy-duty applications such as shipping, transportation, and stationary power.

Amogy Powerpack

The Powerpack is a modular system, enabling us to integrate supplementary modules to deliver more sizable Powerpacks. 
amogy powerpack

Powerpack Product Specifications

Physical Characteristics
Performance Characteristics
System Tie-ins


Reliable ammonia-based energy solution

To ensure the safety and reliability of our technology, Amogy is carrying out evaluations and risk assessments with ship classification societies, including DNV, Lloyd’s Register, and the American Bureau of Shipping.

Additionally, Amogy is working with the US Coast Guard to confirm powerpack regulatory compliance. These efforts will identify potential hazards and operational risks associated with using ammonia as a fuel, and ensure appropriate safety measures are incorporated into the product design.

Amogy has received Approval-In-Principle (AiP) from Lloyd’s Register on its ammonia-to-electricity Powerpack, and is currently working toward achieving type approval from multiple classification societies.

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