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Learn about the industries Amogy supports with its sustainable, high-performance ammonia-based solutions

Industries of Focus

Amogy is revolutionizing the transportation and power generation industries with our sustainable, high-performance ammonia-based solutions. Discover how Amogy is driving innovation and sustainability in each of the industries below.


Short Sea
Inland Waterways
Deep Sea

Ammonia will play a crucial role as a backbone fuel to decarbonize the maritime industry. With its high volumetric energy density and cost-effective fuel supply and storage, ammonia has the potential to be a critical zero-carbon fuel for various maritime applications including onboard propulsion and auxiliary power for various vessel classes. With a vast network of existing production, distribution, and storage infrastructure, ammonia provides a solid foundation for the future zero-carbon fuel value chain in shipping. 

Distributed Power Generation

EV Charging Stations
Data Centers

Ammonia enables low-cost and decarbonized power generation due to the ease and affordability of transport and storage. Amogy’s high-efficiency, scalable ammonia-to-power technology provides a zero-carbon replacement for diesel or natural gas generators. Distributed power generation via ammonia also provides independence from congested or unreliable electric grids in applications such as shore power for maritime vessels, cargo handling equipment, EV charging stations, and data centers. 

Hydrogen Generation

Gas Turbines
Industrial Processes

Traditional methods of hydrogen production rely on fossil fuel feedstocks and emit large volumes of greenhouse gasses. Green hydrogen, produced using renewable electricity, presents a decarbonized alternative. However, it’s challenging to transport from regions with strong renewable resources where it’s produced and is expensive to store at the point of use. At a small additional cost, green hydrogen can be converted to green ammonia, which acts as an affordable hydrogen carrier and addresses the challenges of hydrogen transportation and storage. Amogy’s high-efficiency ammonia reforming system completes the green hydrogen value chain by enabling on-site hydrogen generation for industrial heat and power generation.

Heavy Duty Transportation


Ammonia provides a high-performance, cost-effective, zero-carbon substitute for fossil fuels that have traditionally powered the heavy-duty transportation industry. Heavy-duty vehicles have high power demands and long operating hours between refueling, which present unique challenges for decarbonization. Amogy’s technology consists of in-vehicle ammonia crackers integrated with hydrogen fuel cells which enables the use of energy-dense ammonia as fuel while mitigating the challenges of hydrogen supply and storage. With a mature delivery infrastructure in place and cost-effective onsite storage, ammonia can improve on the benefits of existing hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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