Lloyd’s Register grants AiP to SHI and Amogy for ammonia carrier powered by Amogy’s ammonia-to-power technology

The innovative ship design will use Amogy’s ammonia-cracking technology to power the vessel’s onboard fuel cell with converted hydrogen.

Athens, Greece – June 4, 2024 – Announced today at Posidonia 2024, Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded approval in principle (AiP) to Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and Amogy for an 88,000 cbm ammonia carrier powered by Amogy’s ammonia-to-electrical power system, which utilizes ammonia cracking technology to generate hydrogen onboard to be sent through a fuel cell.

The new design will use Amogy’s technology, which is able to ‘crack’ ammonia at lower temperatures with a smaller module, resulting in a space saving to optimize the vessel’s efficiency. The ammonia-to-electrical power system was given LR technology verification earlier this year, which confirmed its suitability to operate in defined maritime environments.

The AiP follows the start of a joint development project for the ammonia-powered carrier, which was initiated in March 2024, with LR’s role to provide a review of the ship design concept and the applied ammonia-to-electrical power system along with a risk assessment of RBC-1 (Risk Based Certification).

Sung-Gu Park, President – North East Asia, Lloyd’s Register said: “This project is a sign with its aims to address the rising market demand for emission reduction solutions in both terrestrial and maritime sectors. Collaborating with SHI and Amogy positions LR at the forefront of this emerging technology, while also providing LR’s clients with access to cutting-edge advancements in ship design and propulsion systems.”

Hae Ki Jang, CTO & EVP, SHI said: “Ammonia is a carbon-free fuel for a future eco-friendly society. Through this JDP, SHI has implemented an eco-friendly pure net zero vessel by combining future technologies such as fuel cell and ammonia cracking technology by collaborating with LR and Amogy.

SHI will continue to develop technologies toward the era of full de-carbonization and bring future products to the market that can significantly enhance the crew workability and is one step closer to autonomous vessel with the fuel cell and electrification technology as a market leading company.”

Seonghoon Woo, CEO, Amogy said: “We are thrilled to receive Approval in Principle from Lloyd’s Register for this groundbreaking project with Samsung Heavy Industries. Powered by Amogy’s innovative technology, this ammonia carrier promises to redefine industry standards, driving forward sustainable fuel solutions for the maritime sector. We look forward to continued collaboration with LR and SHI as we extend the project into further phases of engineering and development.”

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About SHI

Samsung Heavy Industries(SHI) brings innovation to the Shipbuilding & Offshore EPC industry. Samsung Heavy Industries has successfully completed many of the world’s first and largest shipbuilding and offshore EPC projects, with the sole aim of establishing global leadership in each market segment.

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About Amogy

Amogy provides carbon-free energy solutions to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors such as maritime, power generation, and heavy industry. Proven in real-world applications, its patented ammonia cracking technology is mature, scalable and a highly efficient method for splitting liquid ammonia, generating electrical power in combination with hydrogen fuel cells.

Amogy is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, with additional locations including Houston, Texas, Norway, and Singapore. Amogy is backed by investors including Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, Temasek, SK Innovation, Aramco Ventures, Mitsubishi Corporation and AP Ventures. For more information, follow Amogy on LinkedInXInstagramThreadsFacebook, and YouTube, or visit www.amogy.co.