Meet Amogy at The Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2023

Learn more about our ammonia-to-power solution for your maritime applications.

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> The Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2023

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June 20-22, 2023
RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With ammonia’s high-volumetric energy density and cost-effective fuel supply and storage, it has the potential to be a critical clean energy fuel for various maritime applications. 

Visit Amogy at booth #4000 to learn more about our proprietary ammonia-to-power platform. 

By extracting hydrogen onboard for use in a fuel cell, Amogy’s platform offers a scalable, affordable, and sustainable solution for decarbonizing the maritime industry.

Hear from Amogy’s industry experts:

Vessel Underway with Ammonia – A feasible solution for the immediate future?
Christian Berg, Managing Director (Norway), Amogy
Wednesday, June 21
Theater 3


Meet Amogy at The Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo 2023

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