Amogy Spotlight: Svein Erik Øiestad

In the latest edition of Amogy’s employee spotlight series, we have the pleasure of featuring Svein Erik Øiestad, who serves as the Head of Business Development & Sales in Singapore. Read more to learn about Svein’s background, explore his pivotal role within the company, and gain insights into Singapore’s energy transition journey. 

Name: Svein Erik Øiestad
Job title: Head of Business Development & Sales – Singapore
Team: Strategy and Business Development
Location: Singapore 

Raised near Stavanger, Norway, Svein didn’t initially have an interest in maritime affairs. However, after studying shipping during secondary schooling, something clicked, particularly around the recognition of the industry’s key role in global connectivity. This ended up guiding his educational and career trajectory. 

His educational path led him to Plymouth, UK, where he pursued studies in maritime business, followed by a master’s program in international business and emerging markets in London. He began his career in offshore ship brokering in the UK before transitioning to roles that took him across the globe. Relocating to both Singapore and Shanghai, Svein worked at companies spanning various maritime fields, including submarine cable laying, ship-owning, and engine lubrication technology. 

This diverse journey within the maritime industry ultimately led Svein to his current role at Amogy. Tasked with establishing and overseeing our presence in Singapore, Svein brings his wealth of experience as he guides our focus on the Asian market. 


Why did you decide to join Amogy? 

I’ve always been interested in novel technologies, but working in the shipping industry, known for its conservative nature, has limited my ability to explore innovation. However, when I discovered Amogy and its use of ammonia as a fuel, I was immediately intrigued. The idea of a carbon-free fuel source, from well to wake, was incredibly appealing.  

The opportunity to be part of developing something so groundbreaking, especially with successful demos already under its belt, excited me. Joining Amogy felt like the right adventure at the right time. 

What is your position at Amogy? 

My position is multifaceted. As the first team member based in Singapore, I spearhead the establishment of our local office and the development of associated protocols. However, my primary focus revolves around business and project development. I’m charged with securing projects and sales prospects not only within Singapore but also across the broader APAC region. This entails extensive outreach efforts, engaging potential clients, and fostering collaborations with compatible firms. My objective is to instill confidence in the Amogy technology and to convey that the adoption of ammonia as a fuel source is feasible within the near term. 

What do you like most about working at Amogy? 

The drive behind the company. I’ve worked at many companies around the world, but Amogy truly stands out for its exceptional focus and goal-oriented approach. Amogy is fast-paced, efficient, and determined. Everyone on the team is aware of what needs to be done to achieve our goals. This shared commitment to action and results makes every day at Amogy rewarding and motivating. 

Which Amogy core value resonates most with you? Why? 

For me, execution is paramount. It’s the cornerstone of our mission—a shared understanding among the entire team that our goals must be achieved—no ifs, ands, or buts. Everything hinges on our ability to execute effectively. 

What do you think is next for clean energy and are you optimistic? 

There will be a mix of solutions. Throughout this energy transition, we’re facing a variety of challenges that demand solutions tailored to the near, medium, and long terms. In our journey to net zero emissions, ammonia, hydrogen, and nuclear power emerge as the key contenders. It’s essential that regulators, policymakers, producers, and stakeholders alike recognize the need for diversity of fuel sources. Embracing a range of alternatives is not only acceptable but necessary. 

Amidst this landscape, ammonia stands out for its potential as a zero-carbon solution. As green hydrogen and ammonia gain traction, the prospect of a fuel with zero environmental footprint becomes increasingly tangible. This, to me, is the crux of excitement. The work we’re undertaking today can have a far-reaching impact down the line.  

And who knows? Our efforts might one day influence space exploration and colonization. 

How is Singapore leading in the clean energy transition? 

Singapore has been an early proponent of unlocking and embracing alternative fuels. As an island nation lacking natural resources and space for expansive solar or wind infrastructure, the country is very focused on finding sustainable solutions to power its future. 

Moreover, Singapore is also the most important bunkering, or ship refueling, hub in the world. To maintain this position, it must pivot towards accommodating ammonia bunkering going forward. 

And as a pivotal maritime hub, Singapore is a very important location for ship owners. It’s a strategic move for Amogy to establish a presence here, placing us in close proximity to potential clientele while providing a central link to neighboring nations. Singapore’s pivotal role in fostering clean energy initiatives shows its commitment to enabling sustainable progress. 

We’re excited about the role ammonia will play in the global journey to net zero. Learn more about ammonia’s potential as an energy carrier in our white paper.