Amogy Spotlight: Anastasija Kuprijanova

Today, as a part of Amogy’s employee spotlight series, we are featuring Anastasija Kuprijanova, Director of Maritime Business Development. We sat down with Anastasija to learn more about her, delve into her role, and gain insights into both the maritime and clean energy industries. 

Name: Anastasija Kuprijanova
Job title: Director of Maritime Business Development
Team: Strategy and Business Development
Location: Brooklyn, New York 

Anastasija, originally from Riga, Latvia, and raised in Napa, California, has always been drawn to the water. Her journey began with competitive swimming, sparking a lifelong love for aquatic environments. Additionally, her father’s career in logistics and cargo transportation provided her with the opportunity to visit and explore ports, further inspiring a passion that would shape her future. 

Anastasija’s journey led her to the California Maritime Academy. After school, she joined the Hornblower family, where she spent eight impactful years. Her position brought her to New York City, where she played a pivotal role in launching the NYC Ferry service. This ambitious project brought waterborne transportation back to a city founded on it and notably improved accessibility for underserved communities. 

Anastasija then transitioned to a business development role at Hornblower, marking the inception of her dedication to environmental sustainability and decarbonization. This journey ultimately led her to Amogy in March 2023. Now residing in Brooklyn, where she enjoys a view of the waterfront from her apartment, her work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard feels like a true return to her maritime roots, where she belongs. 


Why did you decide to join Amogy? 

AK: I joined Amogy because I’m deeply passionate about the maritime industry and its significance to society. I’m dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact and to making this sector more sustainable. Amogy’s innovative approach and commitment to pushing the industry’s boundaries align with my belief that the maritime sector must take risks and embrace new technologies. My decision to join Amogy is not just professional; it’s a personal commitment to driving a greener future for the maritime industry. 

What does a day in the life of your role look like? 

AK: My days vary, but I spend a lot of time on calls with potential clients, partners, and stakeholders. I also spend significant time strategizing on application proposals for integrating our technology onboard vessels. 

Which Amogy core value resonates most with you? Why? 

AK: Safety. My extensive experience in the maritime sector has taught me that safety is not merely a routine but a deeply ingrained culture within the industry. Amogy has put safety at the center of the development of our technology. Our dedication to educating individuals about this paramount concern strongly aligns with the values and norms of the maritime sector. 

What is one thing you think potential customers need to know more about Amogy? 

AK: We collaborate with our customers to make our technology a trusted and integral part of their decarbonization journey. It’s important for them to understand the role ammonia plays in achieving their decarbonization goals and how our technology can contribute to that. Not only do we offer a zero-carbon solution, but we’re also dedicated to navigating the future trajectory of the maritime industry and the ammonia supply chain, which is essential in establishing ammonia as a long-term solution. 

What do you find exciting about the clean energy industry? 

AK: Everything! It’s a particularly compelling time to be involved in the clean energy industry. There is a growing awareness of what clean energy means, and the need for more solutions has never been clearer. The domestic clean energy landscape, especially the rapidly expanding offshore wind market, is brimming with opportunities for renewable synergies. These synergies are finally emerging, and more people are becoming educated about the pressing environmental challenges we face. 

Do you feel optimistic about climate solutions and why? 

AK: It’s a necessity for me to maintain optimism because I’m committed to working for an organization with a mission to drive meaningful change in the fight against climate change. It’s clear that we can’t afford to be naive about this issue any longer. Collaboration is key; without working together, we won’t be able to make the necessary progress toward addressing climate challenges. 

Interested in learning more? Join Anastasija at Verge 23 where she is participating on a panel called, “Maritime Vessels: Sustainable Technologies for A Net Zero Future.”