Amogy Publishes First White Paper on Potential of Ammonia

Brooklyn, New York – April 21, 2022 – Amogy Inc., a pioneer of emission-free, energy-dense ammonia power solutions, today announced the publication of their first white paper, which examines the different future applications for ammonia as a viable zero-carbon fuel within the transportation sector. 

Ammonia is attracting increasing attention as an enabler of emissions reductions in the hard-to-abate transportation sectors. Produced by combining hydrogen with atmospheric nitrogen, ammonia has been used by various industries for more than a century, primarily as a chemical precursor to nitrogen fertilizers. However, ammonia also possesses a relatively high volumetric energy density compared with hydrogen and existing battery chemistries, which makes it an attractive energy carrier.

This report explores the different applications for ammonia as an affordable, readily accessible, and storable zero-carbon fuel within the transportation sector and beyond. This paper also explores drivers that support further adoption of ammonia use, barriers that could impede its growth, and recommendations for key stakeholders to consider. Read the full white paper here.

About Amogy

Amogy offers ammonia-based, emission-free, high-energy-density power solutions to decarbonize transportation for a sustainable future. Founded in 2020 by four MIT Ph.D. alumni with a shared vision, Amogy aims to enable the decarbonization of the heavy-duty transportation sector, accelerating the global journey towards Net Zero 2050. The company has been invested in by AP Ventures, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, and DCVC. More info at: