Amogy and Southwind Announce Joint Effort to Promote Offshore Wind Development

Brooklyn, New York and Kristiansand, Norway – July 4, 2023Amogy Inc., a pioneer of emission-free, energy-dense ammonia power solutions, and Southwind, a private initiative funded by established players in the Kristiansand energy supplier market, today announced they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Under the terms of their MoU, the parties will establish a foundation for future collaboration, and will explore joint opportunities for mutual promotion and to advocate for offshore wind.

As the global offshore wind industry continues to rapidly expand, Southwind aims to establish Kristiansand as an operational base for offshore wind field developments and as the preferred hub for a national competence center. Correspondingly, Amogy, which expanded its operations to Norway in 2022, recognizes the potential that the offshore industry holds for its innovative ammonia-to-power technology, and the company has formed multiple strategic partnerships to explore the application of its technology in this sector.

With Amogy and Southwind’s mutual interest in offshore wind energy, this collaboration is thus an excellent opportunity to work together to promote sustainable initiatives across the industry and to advance the efforts of both parties, allowing them to leverage their respective expertise.

“Our partnership with Southwind marks an exciting chapter in our journey to establish ammonia-to-power as a game-changing solution for the offshore industry,” stated Christain Berg, Managing Director of Amogy Norway. “By combining our expertise and resources, we are confident that we can play a pivotal role in advancing the development of offshore energy and in establishing ammonia as a zero-emission solution for this industry.”

“We are delighted to partner with Amogy in our quest to revolutionize the offshore wind energy sector,” said Jonas Kvåle, CEO at Southwind. “Together, we aim to drive innovation, accelerate technological advancements, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.”

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About Amogy

Amogy offers ammonia-based, emission-free, high energy-density power solutions to decarbonize transportation for a sustainable future. Founded in 2020 by four MIT PhD alumni with a shared vision, Amogy aims to enable the decarbonization of the heavy-duty transportation sector, accelerating the global journey towards Net Zero 2050. The company’s investors include Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, AP Ventures, SK, Saudi Aramco and DCVC. To date, Amogy’s scalable ammonia-powered, zero-emissions energy system has been demonstrated with success in a drone, heavy-duty tractor, and semi truck. More info at:

About Southwind

The Southwind consortium has two main goals:

  • The establishment of a offshore wind base of operation in Kristiansand
  • The establishment of a national center of competence for offshore wind 

Both serving Sørlige Nordsjø II specifically, and the North Sea offshore wind developements generally, throughout the entire development of offshore wind parks, from geophysical surveys to installation, operation and maintenance.

To achieve the set goals, Southwind will operate as a facilitating partner, coordinating between public (Kristiansand municipality / Port of Kristiansand / University of Agder) and private resources in the exchange of experience, expertise, communication and contact between all stakeholders.

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