Ammonia Takes Center Stage: Highlights from Posidonia 2024

As the curtains close on Posidonia 2024, a major international shipping exhibition, it’s evident that the call for decarbonization resonates more strongly than ever. This urgency is amplified against the backdrop of the International Maritime Organization’s ambitious net zero emissions targets

At Amogy, we’re honored to have participated in this cornerstone event, where we experienced firsthand the enthusiasm surrounding ammonia’s potential as a zero-carbon fuel and engaged in conversations about how our ammonia-to-power technology is poised to propel the shipping industry towards a greener future.

Our CEO, Seonghoon Woo, and Managing Director in Norway, Christian Berg, were front and center at the event and participated in a variety of activities that underscored our commitment to sustainable innovation. Read below for a recap of our time at Posidonia.

Lloyd’s Register Gives the Nod


We kicked off Posidonia by receiving approval in principle (AiP) for two different vessel designs from Lloyd’s Register, a leading provider of classification and compliance services to the maritime and offshore industries.

The first AiP marks a milestone for our collaboration with Hyundai Mipo and Hyundai Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering by validating a fuel cell electric propulsion feeder container vessel design equipped with our ammonia-to-electrical power system. This design integrates our technology for both main and auxiliary propulsion, resulting in a power output of 8000 kW.

Simultaneously, we attained AiP for an 88,000 cbm ammonia carrier design powered by our technology in partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries, demonstrating the versatility in applications of our solution.

These projects show the power of collaboration in advancing the deployment of our ammonia-powered solution and while driving forward sustainable fuel solutions for the maritime sector. Additionally, these AiP milestones signify our deeping partnership with Lloyd’s Register, building upon the feasibility statement received earlier this year. We look forward to further collaboration with Lloyd’s Register and our other esteemed partners in our continued efforts to shape the future of maritime sustainability.

Greenlight from American Bureau of Shipping and Liberian Registry

Our journey at Posidonia gained further momentum as we received AiPs from both the American Bureau of Shipping and Liberian Registry for a very large ammonia carrier (VLAC) vessel design by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Capital Gas featuring the integration of our system. The design is for a 93K CBM ammonia carrier with Amogy’s technology providing ~1400 kW of auxiliary power equivalent to a diesel generator.

This initiative is another building block in the significant movement towards sustainable maritime operations by focusing on the integration of our technology into newbuild vessels. These collaborative efforts have the potential to set new industry standards and expedite the adoption of eco-friendly maritime solutions on a global scale.

Continued Collaboration and Engagement

In another stride towards sustainable maritime innovation, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint development and certification of our system for our pilot project with Hanwha Ocean, a collaboration that also includes Hanwha Aerospace and the Korean Register. We are delighted to join forces with these like-minded partners who share our vision and commitment to driving positive change in the maritime industry.

Furthermore, Seonghoon spoke on a panel hosted by S&P Global on the landscape of shipping decarbonization. The panelists explored the diverse array of alternative fuel options and charted the course forward for the maritime sector’s clean energy transition.

Meanwhile, Christian participated in a panel discussion at the Trading in U.S. Waters Seminar. Together with industry leaders, he underscored the significant role of collaborative efforts between public and private entities in driving clean energy technology forward, pioneering initiatives, and establishing a competitive advantage for sustainable maritime solutions.


A productive week at Posidonia 2024 indeed! 

Not only is it exciting to share the progress we’ve made in advancing our technology for maritime applications, but it’s encouraging to see the momentum behind ammonia as a clean energy source. Initiatives such as the ones highlighted above are pivotal in driving the industry towards decarbonization. We’re truly excited to collaborate with numerous esteemed, like-minded partners who share our belief in the potential of ammonia and our technology.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who connected with us at Posidonia! “Sea” you soon.