Green Ships AS and Bourbon Horizon AS sign MoU with Amogy

Green Ships Invest AS plan to build two Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) ready for zero emissions sailing. With best-in-class ship design, professional technical and commercial management from Bourbon Horizon AS and Amogy´s ammonia-to-power technology, this MoU may lead the way for the launch of a new generation of environmentally friendly ePSVs.

Oslo, Norway – Oct. 5, 2023 – Green Ships AS, a consultancy company specialized in the designing and building of “green” vessels, and Bourbon Horizon AS, an international offshore shipping company, have signed an MoU with Amogy Inc., the provider of ammonia-to-power technology, for the supply of its technology to the two ePSVs. There is an agreed option for a third vessel.

Today’s global PSV fleet, is in majority between 10 and 20 years old. It does not comply with the emerging industry emission requirements.

Green Ships AS has a strong background and track record in the design of energy efficient and zero emission vessels – ranging from offshore vessels (PSV and AHTS), Ropax ferries, cruise ships, CSOV vessels and other vessels.

Bourbon Horizon, formerly Bourbon Offshore Norway, which is well established in the Norwegian offshore segment, will be the commercial and technical manager of the new vessels. The company currently owns and operates seven offshore vessels and is a joint venture between Bourbon Group and Horizon Maritime. These are leading players within the offshore shipping segments, providing marine support to energy related companies all over the world.

With a series of innovations on Green Ships’ 82m ePSV design, future offshore operations will fulfill stringent DNV regulations. Amogy’s ammonia-to-power solution will be integrated into the ePSV power plant system as the primary power source for the vessel, enabling zero-emissions operations.

“This project will be the first of its kind for zero-emission ePSV. We rely on public and private funding to secure the success of this project, and take great pride in cooperating with one of Norway’s leading offshore shipyards,” says Per Kavli, CEO of Green Ships AS.

“The successful scaling of zero-emission technology and innovative ship design is crucial for reaching the regulatory requirements of the maritime sector. With stricter IMO regulations to reduce the use of fossil fuels as of 2030, and a target of reducing at least 50 percent CO2 emissions by 2050, there is an urgency in the industry to adopt decarbonizing solutions. With operations across the globe, Bourbon Horizon is excited to join forces with Green Ships AS and Amogy to launch a new generation of PSVs into the offshore market,” says Bjørn Remøy, Managing Director, Bourbon Horizon.

“For smaller ships, such as a typical PSV size, liquid ammonia is mainly considered in combination with fuel cells and large size batteries. Amogy is the leading company in this field. It offers the first available powerpack that includes a cracking technology converting liquid ammonia to hydrogen gas for direct integration into the fuel cells. We are very proud that Green Ships AS and Bourbon Horizon have chosen Amogy’s ammonia-to-power solution for their new ePSV project. It is a testimony to the viability of our solution and also for the decarbonization of offshore operations,” says Christian Berg, Managing Director, Amogy Norway.

To secure uninterrupted operations at sea, the ammonia tank capacity will be in the range of 100 cubic meters. The complete system will be well contained, designed to avoid any leaks, ensure good ventilation, and adhere to DNV protocols under development.

“The technology to convert ammonia into a zero-emissions fuel is ready. Combined with the announced increased capacity in low- and zero carbon ammonia and ammonia bunkering projects in Norway, Singapore, and the USA, the maritime industry can take concrete steps to reach the IMO goals,” says Christian Berg, Managing Director, Amogy Norway.

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For further information, please contact:

Per Kavli
Managing Director, Green Ships AS
tel.: +47 926 54 164

Bjørn Remøy
Managing Director, Bourbon Offshore Norway AS
tel.: +47 977 90 695

Christian Berg,
Managing Director, Amogy Norway AS
tel.: +47 974 05 553

About the ePSV 82m

The Green Ships 82m ePSV has been developed as the next generation of environmentally friendly PSV`s and will include an innovative power plant system, securing zero emissions while in operation.

The ePSV will have a significant reduction, up to 40%, of the actual power needed in all modes of operation, both in terms of transit, idling, on dynamic positioning (DP) and in port. We optimized our ePSV design to minimize the overall footprint, with vertical bow and slender hull form. The ePSV is designed to be a cost-efficient modular vessel, with low steel weight, reduced power plant, a smaller, but highly effective thruster system, fewer main components (for low maintenance) and designed with optional modes of conversions in mind, if desired, during its intended minimum 30 years lifetime. Compared to larger, more powerful offshore ships, the ePSV will offer excellent DP performance and operability due to the Voith main propulsion system. Fitted with 2 x 1.850 kW main thrusters, a built-in active roll reduction system the well submerged thrusters will avoid suction of air into the 5 thrusters.

The ePSV can also effectively provide class notations for the following 3 contingency functions: Standby/rescue, Oil rec and FIFI 1 (by using the 2 x 2.000 kW auxiliary dual fuel diesels).

About Green Ships AS

Green Ships AS is a consultancy company involved with the design and building of vessels which are optimized for a greener environment (reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions such as CO2, NOx, SOx, Methane and PM). The company has been involved with different types of vessels including; offshore vessels, fast ferries, cruise ships, and specialized vessels such as drill ships, crane/accommodation barges and shuttle tankers. Green Ships AS has managed and owned smaller fast ferries and has been a minority owner in some ship owning companies. More information at:

About Bourbon Horizon AS

Bourbon Horizon AS, former Bourbon Offshore Norway AS, is a fully integrated offshore supply ship owning company. The Company is a joint venture between Bourbon group and Horizon Maritime, leading players within offshore shipping providing shipborne supplies energy companies all over the world. We have 210 employees, most of them employed onboard our vessels operating globally. Our vision is to be the preferred company in offshore marine services for the benefit of our clients, our employees and all stakeholders.

Bourbon Horizon is working in accordance with our customers’ requirements for high quality service, and we regard technical and operational expertise as our most valuable assets. We follow the highest standards for management of health, safety, environment and quality assurance (HSEQ). More info at:

About Amogy

Founded in 2020 by four MIT PhD alumni, Amogy aims to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, such as shipping, power generation, and heavy-duty transportation, with its ammonia-based, emission-free, high energy-density power solutions. To date, Amogy’s ammonia-to-power technology has been demonstrated with success in a drone, tractor, and semi-truck. The Amogy team is currently retrofitting a tugboat to be the world’s first ammonia-powered vessel. Amogy’s European headquarters is in Stavanger, Norway. The team in Stavanger has significant experience in the maritime industry and is currently hiring. The company’s investors include Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, AP Ventures, SK Innovation, Aramco Ventures and Mitsubishi Corporation. More info at: