Amogy Spotlight: Scott MacAdam

In the latest installment of Amogy’s employee spotlight series, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott MacAdam, Director of R&D Strategy. We discuss  his background, delve into his position at Amogy, and gain insights into the future of clean energy.

Name: Scott MacAdam, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Job title: Director, R&D Strategy
Team: Research & Development
Location: Houston, Texas

Throughout Scott’s upbringing in Zimbabwe and South Africa, he often experienced the challenges and disruptions posed by unreliable energy sources. These experiences shaped his dedication to developing dependable and affordable clean energy solutions. With a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Scott has dedicated his career to making a meaningful impact. His professional journey includes roles at ConocoPhillips and GTI Energy, where he worked on the development of zero-carbon technologies.

Since joining Amogy in February 2023, Scott is proud to be able to contribute to cutting-edge technology with a clear path to commercialization. Motivated by the potential of ammonia as a zero-carbon fuel solution, he is excited about the immediate impact his team can make. He attributes the success at Amogy to the collaborative spirit of his colleagues, making it an exceptional workplace. Scott believes that the team’s embodiment of values aligns with his commitment to driving the clean energy transition.


What is your role at Amogy?

I manage the R&D Strategy team, which involves overseeing a team dedicated to identifying and evaluating technological opportunities to enhance and de-risk our technology, both in the near term and for future generations. We also work to benchmark our technology against other similar zero-carbon solutions.

Managing this team allows me to interact with various other teams within the company. Each day is a new adventure and involves a variety of tasks, from conducting high-level screening studies to responding to requests for analysis on emerging technological opportunities. Our efforts play a pivotal role in focusing the overall R&D endeavors of the company. We provide valuable insights for others to execute on.

Which Amogy core value resonates most with you? Why?  

When reflecting on Amogy’s core values, humility resonates the most with me. It’s the first time I’ve encountered humility as a company’s core value, and I believe its significance cannot be overstated. The acknowledgment that we don’t know everything is a powerful foundation for growth. At Amogy, the ethos of constant learning is embedded in our culture so we are always looking to expand our knowledge. Embracing an open-minded approach to new ideas and being receptive to diverse perspectives aligns with the value of humility.

What is one thing you think potential customers need to know more about Amogy?

The depth of our highly capable team. Contrary to the perception of an early-stage startup, we boast a multi-disciplinary team adept at swiftly devising solutions to address specific challenges. Our team’s open-minded approach ensures that we can deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of our customers in an efficient manner.

What do you think is next for the clean energy industry?

Currently, everything is on the table! We must approach the climate crisis from all directions and avoid fixating on a single solution. The industry’s next steps involve a concerted effort to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, which will enable the move towards a more sustainable future.

What do you see as challenges to transitioning to clean energy?

The transition to clean energy presents numerous challenges, such as customer risk aversion and a hesitancy to adopt new technologies, which pose significant hurdles. Nevertheless, the clean energy landscape has witnessed remarkable transformations in the past 10-15 years. Despite the current challenges, I remain hopeful that the industry will continue to experience substantial changes in the foreseeable future.

Do you feel optimistic about climate solutions and why?

Absolutely! There has been a notable and sustained commitment to addressing the climate crisis over the past few years, which demonstrates that this is not just a passing trend but a persistent problem that demands attention. The high-level commitment from various sectors, including industry, government, and other stakeholders, adds to the confidence that meaningful solutions will continue to be pursued.

We’re excited about the role ammonia will play in the global journey to net zero. Learn more about ammonia’s potential as an energy carrier in our white paper.